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SHRADER S550 Vortech supercharger pkg (800-900 hp)

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Product Description

The Shrader 800 hp supercharger package is our high end supercharger kit for the 5.0L S550 Coyote, as seen on our own 2015 Stage 2 Roush. This kit is a custom combination we designed using the Vortech JT supercharger with an 8-rib pulley swap, along with all the necessary components to get your car running in one weekend. This is a customized supercharger package only available from Shrader, that includes a polished JT-trim supercharger finish, fuel injectors, a special JLT intake, fuel pump booster module, colder heat range spark plugs, custom Shrader tuning, and more. This setup makes about 13 psi at peak rpm or upgrade to the 16 psi pulley option.

This Shrader package has earned a devilish reputation from the wicked dyno numbers that tend to appear with this combo. 666 rear wheel horsepower is commonly seen on the dyno graph and is one Hell of a street screamer. That equates to 800 hp at the flywheel, all on a stock 5.0L coyote engine with stock exhaust!

Adding other upgrades like a smaller supercharger pulley and long tube headers will yield even higher results as seen on our shop car which pushes the envelope to over 16 psi and makes over 750 RWHP on the stock engine! That’s about 900 HP at the flywheel with our kit! We recommend a higher octane fuel than typical 93 pump gas for those upgrades for additional safety.

Vortech has long been a successful brand at Shrader HQ, and we’ve had amazing success with their super efficient centrifugal superchargers which have less stress on the engine than a twin screw blower, due to the linear boost curve that gradually ramps boost in. This also helps with reducing wheel spin on throttle tip-in. We’ve spent hundreds of hours of tuning R&D for this kit, to make a smooth driving experience at part throttle for daily driving, that turns wicked when the “loud” pedal is pressed to the floorboard.

Shrader S550 supercharger package includes:
Vortech JT supercharger with air-to-air intercooler
polished supercharger finish
8-rib pulley swap kit with 8-rib belt
upgraded 95 lb/hr fuel injectors
plug-n-play Fuel Pump Booster
Upgraded T-bolt hose clamps
colder heat range spark plugs
JLT cold air intake specific for the Vortech
Shrader T-shirt and unique window decals
SCT X4 handheld programmer (optional)
Custom Shrader tune

We include custom tuning with this package but if you already have your own shop for tuning, select the above option to remove the tuning.

We can also install this supercharger and dyno tune it for you. Drop your car off at our shop facility near Charlotte NC and we’ll take care of the rest!

Additional Information

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 32 x 23 x 23 in
SCT X4 Programmer

X4 with Shrader tuning included, I have a Programmer but need tune files (-$250), I have my own programmer + tuning (-$399)


MT82 Manual, 6r80 Auto

Pulley Size

3.60″ pulley, 3.33″ pulley +3-4psi (+$99)

Free T Shirt Size

Small, Med, Large, XL, 2X

Shrader Valve Cover Plate

Yes! Add Shrader valve cover (+$99), No valve cover