87-93 Mustang Hatchback Rear Seat Delete


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Discontinued. Out of Stock.
Black carpet only . The Shrader RSD drops 36 solid pounds out of your 87-93 Hatchback for a substantial weight loss. Made of lightweight ABS Plastic, with complex heat rolled edges to provide rigidity, and covered in high quality carpet to match your interior. NO wood products are used in this kit. Optional compartment doors for easy access to storage space makes it perfect for a hidden nitrous bottle, tools, a purse, or other valuables. This is our most complex RSD design to date, and is the ONLY one on the market that provides a substantial weight drop and is still strong enough to support heavy weights while providing a stylish interior. We only sell direct, and you will not find this RSD anywhere else.

FITS: 87-93 Mustang Hatchback. If you need to use this with the factory spare tire, you can modify the rear panels by cutting off the “leg” that protrudes into the spare tire well so that the panels rest on top of the tire. If you have custom equipment such as a rollbar, or stereo components, you may need to make modifications to work with your setup.

Additional Information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 33 x 25 x 11 in
87 93 Mustang Hatchback

Black carpet No Storage Access, Black carpet With Storage Access, Grey Carpet With Storage Access, Grey Carpet No Storage Access