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6r80 Transmission Swap Guide

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On Sale for a limited time! The Shrader 6r80 Transmission Swap Guide is finally available after 3 years of R&D on our own 6r80 swapped ’99 Mustang. With the success of Coyote Mustang Auto’s running 8-second timeslips in the 1/4 mile with only some boost and basic bolt-ons added, it was time to see what the 6-speed auto trans could do in a lighter body New Edge Mustang. Most New Edge owners have already built potent engine combinations out of their 2v or 4v, and don’t want to go back in time to a 3 speed or 4 speed auto trans in order to go fast. The 6r80 is the answer.

This 30 page professional guide written by Steve Shrader is specifically designed as a DIY project to help with understanding and installing a 6r80 Automatic transmission into a 99-04 Mustang body. It includes a comprehensive list of parts required for the swap, detailed wiring schematics and crossover charts to the 99-04 harness, and details about how to control the 6r80 and 2-valve or 4-valve engine using a Coyote PCM from 13-14.

The best way to properly control Ford’s 6r80 transmission is to use their ECU processor that was designed with thousands of parameters specific to this gearbox. Other aftermarket controllers may become available over time, but they simply won’t have the level of control that the 11-14 “Copperhead” processor contains. This swap guide helps you setup your existing 4.6 or 5.4 mod motor to be ran off of the Coyote PCM, which gives you considerably more control over the engine tuning than the older and slower 1990’s processors that came in these cars.

This guide was written for a 2-valve engine, but could be modified to work with a 3v or 4v Mustang or even a truck application, if you cross over the slight wiring differences to your vehicle. We were able to keep all of the 99-04 Instrument Cluster functionality so you’ll still have a tach, speedometer, oil pressure gauge, etc. We’ve included details about how to satisfy the PATS security system which still leaves PATS operational on the car, to keep the factory anti-theft system in place.

You will need to be familiar and comfortable with building your own wiring harnesses, and using proper soldering and wire splicing techniques.

We originally were going to offer a 6r80 controller after popular demand, but decided it was best to just release the information to you, so that you can build and design your own 6r80 swap for your custom Mustang. We’ve proven the results of the 6r80 swap and now it’s time to share the progress with our fellow Mod Motor community.

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