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  • Brightmare MW12

  • 9.86 run at zMax Dragway

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Meet Steve Shrader’s BrightMare

This yellow ’99 Mustang GT, nicknamed “BrightMare”, was the car that started it all for the Yellow Mustang Registry back in 2001. We use this car to test new engine combinations for our business and continually push the power limits on E85 Ethanol. We are currently working with something never before done, and mating a 6r80 auto trans from a 2013 Mustang to be mated with the 4.6L 2v engine. This requires a complete new wiring and PCM setup to control everything, but we expect to have the project finalized in 2014! Stay tuned!

On a previous setup with an S-Trim and nitrous we made a whopping 906 rwhp on the same engine before we decided we were satisfied.

The car competed in 5.0 Mustang Magazine’s King of the Street competition for 2012, running a 9.86 at 146 and wowwing the judges with its street car manners and gobs of torque in the Ride and Drive segment. Read the May 2013 issue of 5.0 Magazine for the full details!

BrightMare made an appearance on Speed Channel’s show Pass Time in ’09. It surprised everyone when the car went 10.57 at 136 mph on drag radials. Click here for the video. That was an old combo and the car now runs 9.80’s.

Engine Built by Shrader Performance

The Numbers

  • Horsepower with nitrous: 906 rwhp / 781 rwtq SAE
  • 1/8 mile: 6.45 at 115 mph
  • 1/4 mile: 9.86 at 147


  • Block: Aluminum Teksid block .005 over
  • Cubic Inches: 281
  • Crankshaft: forged Cobra crank
  • Pistons: DSS Racing GSX
  • Rods: Lightweight I-beam
  • Main Studs: ARP 4-bolt main studs

Top End/Other Engine

  • Heads: Fox Lake Stage 2 ported heads
  • Cams: You didn’t think we would give you the best kept secret, did you?
  • Intake: Edelbrock Victor Jr
  • Intake Plenum: custom aluminum
  • ThrottleBody: Accufab
  • Coil Packs: Granatelli Pro Series
  • Water Pump: Electric

Forced Induction

  • Blower: Vortech V2 S-Trim at 17 psi
  • Crank Pulley: Innovators West 10% Overdrive
  • Intercooler: Treadstone 9″ core, air-to-air


  • Headers: American Racing Headers longtubes
  • Mid-pipe: ARH shorty
  • Cat-Back: custom cat-back w/Flowmaster mufflers

Fuel System

  • Fuel Tank: Sumped tank by Glenn’s Performance
  • Fuel Pump: Dual Aeromotive A1000 return-style fuel pumps and filters
  • Fuel Lines: a whole bunch of braided lines and fittings
  • Fuel Injectors: 80 lb/hr
  • Fuel Type: E-85 Ethanol


  • SCT Xcal 3 with custom tuning by Steve Shrader


  • Flywheel: SPEC aluminum
  • Clutch: SPEC Stage 2 Plus
  • Transmission: TR3650 5-speed
  • Driveshaft: aluminum
  • Rear Gear : 3.73
  • Axles: Moser 31-spline


  • K-member: tubular with coilover kit
  • Springs: Steeda rears, front coilovers
  • Struts/shocks: Tokico
  • Caster/Camber plates: MM 4-way
  • Control Arms: Steeda adjustable uppers and solid lowers
  • Roll bar: 6-pt with removable door bars
  • Brakes: Brakes? Who needs brakes?