• Shrader S550

  • 2015 Shrader Roush

  • Shrader S550 RS2

  • Shrader S550 Roush RS2

This 2015 Roush stage 2 is our shop test vehicle that now makes an astounding 849 rwhp on the stock engine! How did we get there? With a Vortech JT Trim supercharger that peaks at about 16 psi, this setup has surpassed even our expectations. The Vortech JT is the upgraded head unit to go with for more boost and bigger power gains. We added a GT350 intake, an 8-rib swap to prevent belt slip, an air-to-air intercooler, and all plumbing to easily install this kit. We added some ID1000 injectors and a fuel pump booster to handle the fuel requirements, along with over 100 hours invested in custom tuning on our in-house dyno to get the perfect blend of drivability and performance together. We are an authorized Vortech dealer, so give us a call to order this package for your S550.

Our latest development has been to create a “Cammed Idle” calibration for this car using the variable cam technology to adjust the cam durations. This creates the awesome sound of aftermarket camshafts without the expensive upgrade to new cams. Since the aftermarket industry has yet to release any camshafts better than stock, this is your only option for getting that old-school cammed sound. We’ve spent hundreds of hours perfecting the Cammed Idle tune to put our flare on the way we think the car should act and sound.

You can see more about this exclusive Shrader Cammed Idle tune at this link: http://shraderperformance.com/shop/product/cammedidle/ .

Check out the video below of our blue Roush with our custom cammed tune installed. We’ve designed the tune so that the car will start normally with a higher idle, and then settles down within a few seconds to a lower RPM where you can hear the cam lope. This feature is only active at idle, so the car will still drive normal once you pull away.