• 323 Whipple Cobra Monster

    323 Whipple Cobra Monster

    15 May 2013 Off Comments

                It’s not everyday you drive up on the street next to a modified Cobra, but we can assure you that you if happen upon this monster at a stoplight, you’d better think twice before passing it off as...

  • Keith’s 775 rwhp 2-valve GT

    Keith’s 775 rwhp 2-valve GT

    04 Mar 2013 Off Comments

              Keith’s 99 Mustang GT cruises the streets of the northeastern US states with one of our bulletproof 304 ci powerplants. After some recent paintwork and final dyno numbers, Keith sent us some updated photos...

  • Charles’ 323ci mod motor build

    Charles’ 323ci mod motor build

    14 Oct 2011 Off Comments

    When our good friend Charles Drake from Texas asked us to build his 2001 GT Convertible into something bigger, I don’t think he planned for it to develop into the killer machine that you see here. We turned this almost completely stock high-mileage...