About Shrader Performance

Who are we?

Our primary business is Custom Dyno Tuning, and providing custom built 4.6L and 5.4L modular Ford engines, as well as the Coyote 5.0L engines, for various levels of high performance, mainly for use in street/strip applications. All engines are meticulously inspected for accurate tolerances and clearances during the build process, and are hand-assembled in our temperature-controlled clean shop. No detail is left untouched and our customer’s engines speak for the quality of our builds, and the reputation we are quickly gaining in the modular Ford industry.


We have a DynoJet 224 chassis dyno in-house for testing and tuning our customer’s cars. We use SCT software and SCT handheld programmers for all of our work. We’re not the typical dyno shop that gets you in and out in one day. We keep your car for at least an overnight stay in most cases, so we can properly calibrate cold start settings, hot start settings, idle quality, wide open throttle, and part throttle cruising. Our focus is on making excellent driveability, rather than solely just a magic horsepower number. However, we pride ourselves in extracting the most possible horsepower, safely.


In 2002, Steve Shrader began building and selling his own product line of Rear Seat Delete Kits for Mustangs, hand-building every kit from his small 2-car garage in NC. Eventually that operation expanded to the point of needing a much larger shop and staff to build and store inventory. The list of vehicles has grown now to include Mustang, Camaro, GTO, Mini Cooper, Fiat 500, Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ, Scion IQ, and more. We focus on 2-door cars with 4 seats, as we have found that most 2-door cars have rear seats that are nearly useless for carrying passengers. We are the only manufacturer to use ABS Plastic instead of wood to create a high quality durable product. Our goal is to provide increased performance by dropping weight, while retaining a high level of style and convenience in the interior.

Yellow Mustang Registry

Shrader Performance was originally established over a decade ago as the foundation behind the Yellow Mustang Registry ( also known as YMR), a Mustang club dedicated to yellow Ford Mustangs that grew to over 10000 members worldwide. We handed over the YMR to new owners in 2006 so that we could concentrate on our engine business, but are still involved with the club. Several other “color registries” were created following the success of the original YMR. Most folks today don’t realize the origins of the color registries dates back to 2002 when Steve Shrader pioneered the concept and setup nationwide car meets for yellow Mustang owners.


You may have seen our yellow E85-fueled Mustang in action on Speed TV’s PASS TIME and PINKS ALL OUT shows, We’ve also been on multiple magazine cover features in recent years including the 2012 King of the Street competition by 5.0 Magazine. We are always working on getting more exposure for our shop and our customers. We like building vehicles that are different, so if you have a strange project you want us to handle, we are up to the task.


We are also heavy promoters of E85 ethanol fuel. We have done a great deal of testing on our project vehicles as well as customer cars. E85 gives the advantages of race fuel, without the added cost and inconvenience.

Stop by and visit our brick and mortar location at:
3200 Lowell Rd, Suite A
Gastonia, NC 28054


Shrader Performance is in no way affiliated with Ford Motor Company or any of its divisions, brands, logos, trademarks, or other known entities.